"Get alignment before diving into anything. Questions like, 'If this ceased to exit, who would be affected?' Get to the heart of the project, job or opportunity." Read more.

"How an old school non-profit is learning to tell a more captivating story. The Nature Conservancy's new water campaign carefully ventures into a more modern style of digital outreach." Read more.

"I don't know when it happened -- probably with the birth of advertising, but at some point brands stopped communicating like human beings, which is really where innovation and creativity die." Read more.

"Talk about the hard stuff. The inspiration pieces and big wins are always alluring but I think good mentorship is about being vulnerable." Read more.

"Presenting the 30 Under 30 2015 in Marketing & Advertising who are setting the standard for new strategies and tools for brand engagement." Read more.

"Azita Ardakani may have built her hip communications agency, Lovesocial, on the web, but even she knows when it's time to unplug. The annual detox, which her staff and clients take part in, began five years ago when Ardakani started the agency in Vancouver." Read more.

"Lovesocial, a social media agency that hosts a Digital Cleanse each year (this year is the fifth) encourage people to unplug their electronic in order to recharge. (Yes, they get the irony of a social media company asking people to unplug.)" Read more.

"The New York Business Journal has picked 78 honorees for its inaugural Women of Influence Awards. The program honors women business leaders in the New York City area who innovate, succeed and "pay it forward," who stand out both for their achievements in the marketplace as well as their commitment to community and mentoring." Read more.

""Azita Ardakani, who founded Lovesocial, Vancouver, a social media agency, is moving to New York to open an office. Seven employees will work in the office, which is expected to be opened in January. Amy Benziger, director for partnerships at Lovesocial, will be the agency’s first director based in New York. Read more.

"This Canada-born company has recently launched offices in New York, and it has a story to share with America. It’s one about being rooted in commitments, not just campaigns. It’s about cutting through the noise with an understanding that simplicity and authenticity is the ultimate strategy for success." Read more.

"It took radio 40 years to hit 50 million users. TV took 13 years. But the Internet had 50 million users in four years, and Facebook took just 12 months to hit double that—100 million users. So in spite of the dire financial straits so many of us are in, today — at this moment — you have the best chance of finding your dream job." Read more.

"In the services space, it's easy to want to say 'yes' to everything, but for us, saying 'no' keeps us specialized to our sweet spot, and ensures that we over deliver every time. It keeps us focused on building for the long-term as opposed to being reactionary and taking low hanging fruit just because it's there." Read more.

"The technologies will change, but the need to effectively communicate a message will never change. And I think that is where the focus should be, is the value of the message as opposed to the value of the medium." Read more.